Fiesta Packs

The Trimmings

Rice, beans, guacamole, chips, salsa, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, cheese, corn tortillas, flour tortillas, plus all plastic and paperware.

NOTE: We can accommodate any party size. Additional Fiesta Packs are available in increments of 5.

Fiesta Pack Entrees



Available for: 10 Servings, 20 Servings, 40 Servings, or 50 Servings. One serving refers to one item or 6-8 ounces.


Box Meals

All lunch boxes include rice, beans, chip & salsa, and guacamole.
Add a bottle water or 12oz. can Pepsi product for 1.00

Party Trays


Available for: 10 Servings, 20 Servings, 40 Servings, 50 Servings. One serving refers to one item or 6-8 ounces.




Pan Dulce

Serves 20 52.50,  Serves 30 69.50

A variety of freshly baked Mexican pastries.


Serves 10 32.50,  Serves 15 46.50, Serves 20 59.50, Serves 30 69.50

Mexican pastry made from deep-fried unsweetened dough and sprinkled with sugar & cinnamon.


Serves 20 36.50,  Serves 30 46.50

Freshly baked cookies.

Fruit Platter

Serves 20 49.50,  Serves 30 67.50

An array of freshly prepared seasonal fruit.

Sweet & Fruit Combo

Serves 20 69.50,  Serves 30 89.50

Mexican Pastries, Freshly-baked cookies and Seasonal Fruit.

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Great lunch spot for burritos. The Super King Burrito is huge – it may be the biggest burrito/sandwich I have ever seen. It’s very tasty, and the prices are incredible. You’ll struggle to find a more fulfilling quick-lunch spot in the city.

James D'Angelo

Taco Burrito King or simply T.B.K. is great for long study nights during finals or even if you’re looking for a great meal late at night. Reasonably priced but at the same time delicious. The Horchata and veggie King Burrito are awesome!

Pathik Gandhi

Great burritos and great service. I got a steak burrito and it was huge, the most amount of meat I’ve ever had in a burrito! The place was clean and the workers were really friendly. A must visit for great Mexican food.

Marc Reznick

Best Burrito I’ve had in 10 years. King Fajita Al Pastor for $7.75 absolutely fantastic. This is a burrito made with Fajita seasoning and veggies.

Leigh C.